Chef Luis’s Sleeve Tattoo

It has been approximately four months since I graduated from SVA. I work two jobs: I am a dog walker in Manhattan during the day and a phones person at a busy restaurant called Westville Hudson at night. I started doing portraits of my coworkers at Westville as superheroes just for fun and the head chef of the restaurant, Luis, saw them and commissioned me to design his right arm sleeve tattoo. We discussed what he wanted and he wanted a bunch of food, maybe some waitresses and a chef in a highly-stylized cartoon style similar to that of Tokidoki. Other than that, he gave me full artistic freedom. It took me two months to complete just because of my busy schedule but finally I finished it (see below). When he saw it, he was in awe. He almost started crying which in turn almost made me cry! It was one of the best reactions to an artistic thing I’ve done that I’ve ever gotten. I’ve shared the piece below and you can also find it on my main page under “Miscellaneous.” Sorry about the dopey watermark. Someone should teach me how to make a better one.

Senior Portfolio Exit Review

I had my senior portfolio exit review with my department chair, Thomas Woodruff today. It went really well; he was more than fair. He told me that I was good at what I do and that he just wanted me to “keep focused on what I’m good at.” He said I should “keep my eye on the prize and not be distracted by ‘shiny objects.’” He said that I’m an ambitious person (which is true). He also said that I had good brush work and a very clean and graphic aesthetic that he liked. My weaker points included that I sometimes “panic” and some of my drawings suffer so it’s still “inconsistent at times” but that he did like it. He approved me to submit five of my sequential pieces for the SVA Senior Cartooning/Illustration publication. I went into it dressed like a professional which I believe gave me a positive edge (picture below).
Another thing that is completely off topic: spring is absolutely lovely in NYC especially where I live, in Gramercy Park. I’ve been taking many pictures of all the stunning flowers they’ve planted and I’ve included them below.

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