The Small Works Show: Pleiades Gallery

I will be showing a painting (see accompanying image(s) below) at The Small Works Show at the Pleiades Gallery in Chelsea. The opening reception is on January 24th, 2015 from 3pm-6pm at 530 West 25th Street. My work will be up from January 20th until February 13th, 2015. Heartfelt thanks go out to Ellen Bradshaw for this honor and opportunity.

Stony Brook RA Conference 2014

Yesterday, Saturday October 25, 2014, I attended the annual Stony Brook RA Conference at Stony Brook University representing my school, School of Visual Arts. It was a very interesting day. I learned more about being a successful RA and applying the skills I’ve already gained in my three year experience of being an RA to real-life career goals. Mostly, I got to spend quality time with some of my fellow SVA RAs who I don’t usually see or spend time with. It was refreshing to remember that the school I go to, and the degree I’m pursuing is not considered “normal” and is instead considered special by others. Constantly being surrounded by other art students can sometimes make me take my chosen pursuit of my profession for granted. I don’t know when but at some point I started viewing being an artist as normal. It was very flattering when I realized how different and special I was compared to everyone else at the conference just by the mere fact that I could draw. On the flip side, I was in turn impressed by the other RAs who said they were majoring in things like biochemistry, journalism and history. Sometimes I struggle at SVA. I can get very bogged down in my own head being here thinking that my fellow SVA students are more talented or luckier than I am. It was really nice to be reminded that others may be viewing me as lucky and talented too. I go to a great school in the middle of Manhattan in New York City and I live in Gramercy Park! That is very lucky! I can get really down on myself and sometimes I just need to be reminded how lucky and special and talented I am just so I can continue moving forward. Going to the conference was exactly the little boost I needed.

LES Annual Pickle Day

Yesterday, October 19, 2014, I went to the Lower East Side’s Annual Pickle Day for the second time! That festival is so much fun! Within the first five minutes of arriving, my friends and I got a free sour pickle! I like pickles. I wouldn’t say I love them but I like them enough to enjoy the festival and the many flavor variations that they have to offer.

I also finally got to try a pickle-flavored cupcake! This has been haunting me since I went last year and they were sold out of them. I’ll report that when I tasted it this year, it wasn’t bad. It wasn’t a stroke of genius, but it wasn’t bad either. They mixed pickle seasoning in the batter of the cupcake itself and placed a pickle on top of the frosting on top of the cupcake. It was a very interesting combination of salty/sweet.

This post has nothing to do with art, but chronicling my time/adventures in New York City seems like a good idea. I’ll be graduating soon and who knows where I’ll be living after that.

Of course there are pictures. Enjoy!

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